Monday, March 14, 2011

The Latowski

Well I'm way into settling into the studio and the portfolio is moving along nicely so it's time to address the Latowski. It does have some minor problem but the biggest was my paranoia of the DMV. I was afraid of all the photo radar tickets that I had to have acquired while doing my Kamikaze runs back and forth to Phoenix on the bikes. Speed limits were (as always) broken.
I was shooting the shit with the local Marshal and he offered to run my license to see if I could transfer my license to my new hometown of Tombstone ( where there is no emissions testing or inspection) without loosing it due to unpaid tickets. He agreed that these kind of tickets were unconstitutional. He ran it and somehow it's clean as a whistle. So onto the DMV with me.
I have a few situations that have to be rectified before it's ready for a proper beating. I need a battery and the the battery box is broken and needs to be rebuilt. The Primo Rivera belt drive needs to be removed to weld on my new Lock Baker kickstand. I will also be replacing the transmission main shaft seal while I can get to it.
I also have an oiling problem. She goes through a quart of oil every 200 miles through the vent tube. I have narrowed the problem down to a bad oil pump (which is an S&S with the Evo upgrade that has a couple of hundred thousand miles on it) or it could be as simple as a clogged oil filter. I don't know yet. I have to have it running to find out.
Anyone else ran into this type of oiling problem? Any ideas would be appreciated. When the bike is not running the crankcase is full of oil to to the timing window. It's not the check ball. Ideas? "GTP"


  1. KICKSTAND??? You really have gone all domestic,aint ya.
    Is it a stock oil filter? I was told that there should be no resistance if you blow thru the center hole on a new fiter...but your s&s should have more "whoof" than a stock pump so...?

  2. Every Shovel and high mile Evo i have had pass through my hands has collected oil in the cases after standing, i think thats pretty normal as i am sure you know, but as for it spewing out of the breather..........i would say that the S&S oil pump is the main cause.They scavenge more oil then the stock pump, resulting in way more pressure.I would drain the old oil,check the oil lines for crud and narrowing,fit a large fxr style filter and fill that baby with synthetic oil instead!!!! i know lots of people have a problem with full synthetic, but out here in these temperatures it runs way cooler and gets around the motor quicker,resulting in a free flow cool lubrication.I also fitted a oil cooler to a shovel with an S&S pump once!!!! that stopped oil coming from the breather as it slightly lowers the pressure .Its all a process of elimination in my opinion!!

  3. Thankls for the input guys. I think I have it figured out. Cracked vent tube in the oil tank below the oil level.