Sunday, March 13, 2011

Having to take a day off from slingin' paint today because....

...the studio and shops around where mine is is having some theift problems by tweekers. I'm gathering up a couple of freinds of mine that "I can not confirm or deny" the fact that they are attached to Military as security. This is going to be interesting! Got to love the wild west!
But as for the clown...this is the progress that I made yesterday. Mostly in making the stockings work and actually "fleshing out" the face. Done soon.


  1. I fucking hate tweekers, in our lil loggers town the go in bicycle packs roaming the street lookin fer shit to steal! If its not bolted down its gone!

  2. Definitely sounds like the Wild West is still Wild!

    Oh you’re social security check cashing dude just made Fox News! Horror filmmaker sounds about right!