Saturday, February 12, 2011

Choppers are cool but keep this in mind!

MOTHERFUCKER, my back just blew out pickin' up my gun of all things. Whatever you young chopper jockeys do remember to take care of your back. Just ask any don't want this shit. At the very least wear a kidney belt on a rigid. My back is this bad and I have ALWAYS had a swing arm. Just a heads up! "GTP"


  1. Damn George… I understand the Smoke Out and your paintings are important to ya but…. Slow down a tick! I think all of us would rather see a “Fit GTP” with a couple originals, than a "broken GTP” in a wheel chair with a million originals show up at the Smoke Out.

    My best friend in the Whole Wide World has had back surgery twice… He don’t listen to me eithe.. :)

    All that aside without ya the HORSE would fold so be extra careful!!!!!

  2. I had hoped you would have called us "whippersnappers" I really thought it was coming. Well, Dinner is on the table, heating pad is waiting for you and I hung drapes, what could be better?

  3. too bad this shit don't have a LIKE BUTTON because I sure liked what MIller said above me!