Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hey Fuckers...

...leave some comments on here. I have no idea what you are thinkin' just know what I'm thinkin'...'taint fair! I'm interested in what you have to say. "GTP"


  1. It is cold and rainy out, my ex wife sux, new retired porn star girlfriend is hot, being broke even though you make good money but your ex spent all your dough and threw you into bankruptcy sucks a cock, new retired porn star girlfriend... well you can see the pattern here.

    living life and wanting to ride. Shovelhead is in pieces and the tires on the Dyna have so many miles on them that they look like slicks!

    If you ever run into Sierra Vista, give that old town a big ole' middle finger from Billy!

  2. oh yeah... I forgot... You are my hero!

  3. My thoughts… Bought my first ever BRAND NEW bike two years ago (just had to have it) would pay it off in two. Right after that purchase there was this election and the manufacturing world went to hell. Two’s turned into seven and I could turn it yesterday but I’m holding on cuz I like the thing alot, well that and I still got a job (sorta)..
    What can I say I love’s the lady’s but damn if they ain’t expensive! I don’t care if you are married to one or just play’n with one! Been married twice and happily divorced (from the last) for the last 26.. Speaking of that anyone know a “cheap” HAZMAT team that does bathrooms??
    Well I swore I’d never post nuthing nowhere again whilst drinking, but I reckon I done fucked that up….. Again..

    GTP’s my hero! Keep on plugging my man!!!

  4. Shit could be worse. Live and learn. Sorry 'bout the bathroom. Can't tell your drinkin' though....thank God for spellcheck!

  5. Thinking this fucking rain & darkness suck ass!

  6. What are we thinkin? I was thinkin what w.t.f happened to Georges angst? Chillin in the desert,(sometimes literally) has really calmed you down. Either that or you got more dietary protein or your meds recalibrated and as Bob Marley said, "everything is gonna be allright ..."
    Anyway,thats cool.The interweb and your posts have provided a glimpse into your new paradigm, a kinder gentler George, posting from his New Jerusalem is a good thing.
    High desert air and wide open spaces would do us all a world of good.I think most of us are probably envious as fuck watching through a web portal at you and living life on lifes terms, keeping it simple and cheap as we listen to another bill drop through the slot in the door.
    Who knows you could be starting a trend ? This "recovery" that I keep hearing about doesn't seem to be forthcoming.Up here in the great white North the general consensus is that we won't experience the shitstorm of financial woes to our housing like you folks.
    HA,Ha, Ha,Ha, its coming, sure as shit,its on its way. The fat lady aint singing yet but you can hear her warming up her voice.
    Solitude looks good on you man,you wear it well, and it seems to be agreeing with you.
    So keep the posts coming. And give the little lady a scratch behind the ears a milkbone from all of us.Take care, Kal.

  7. I'm thinking this is a good distraction from my boring work. Being on a computer all day I need something to read. This does the trick. Thanks GTP.

  8. Hey George,

    What the high school girl said in the back of the Impala:




    Your fucking blog is the greatest thing ever. Well at least so far today..