Thursday, December 2, 2010

An epitaph for Pornography!

I’ve seen my fare share of porn. Being a single guy for this long you have to just because your ‘spank bank’ runs low with the lengths of time I seem to have between those interesting liaisons. This is just a complicated way of saying that there are long gaps between times when I am actually knockin’ boots.
Porn has really helped out in the fact that, well sometimes there just ain’t a girl around when you NEED one. Porn (the visual aid not the person) has really come through those times when I really needed it. Unfortunately it may have all come to an end…I’ll miss you my friend.
It’s a bitch but I see it happened. Why, because it has all become so fuckin’ boring to me. I don’t know what happened but it’s just the same thing over and over again, usually just pixilated people fuckin’ with a camera shoved up just inches from where the ‘taints’ are touching. To me now it’s just dicks and pussys doin’ what I would rather be doing, shown to me in a little square on my computer screen.
No matter what the players are actually doing you know the chick is thinkin’ about the paycheck and the dude is hopin’ that his Viagra works long enough to make a good show and not be replace in the next scene with a stunt dick because he wasn’t man enough to fuck for 44 minutes.
When I was a 13 year old kid anything with a boob on it was good enough reason to take a 30 minute shower, not these days though. I’m bored and when I do get interested I start thinkin’ about how bad the sound is, what actually went wrong in this poor girl’s life and when is the camera man going to wake up and realize not everyone wants to see a close up penetration shot from start to finish. Fuck Dude, give me the god damned camera…but then I would be more interested in composition and lighting then I would about finding some relief. So no, I don’t think I’ll try to shoot one.
I know what the problem is, it’s the same reason that I don’t really go to strip clubs anymore…I know how the game works.
I dated a few actresses when I was going to school in Philly. Well, they were just going to school for theater but the seed was already instilled. I never trusted ‘em. They acted all the time or maybe I just thought they were. I was painting all the time so why wouldn’t be acting all the time as well. Then again I was ingesting a lot of acid and Jack Daniels at the time but you get the point.
The same goes with the few strippers I have dated in my past which was along the same period of time. I knew firsthand what was going on behind the doors in the dressing room and fellas…it’s all business for them…it has to be. They ain’t into you until you’re a few hundred bucks in the hole and then once you set up that kind of dynamic even if you do get to her she will probably be into you for the ‘perks’.
Remember you’re the one that you were the one that gave this girl some cash so she would shake that money maker “just for you”. It ain’t goin’ to stop once you got ‘er off the runway. The ones I met were going to the academy and I never once gave them bread…they had a lot more than I did at the time…and I’d only see them dance after we started dating or at least hangin’ out.
The way they would come home and talk about their job, the more I realized that using the façade of wanting the guy holding the $5 bill was their job. It just ruined it for me, but probably saved me a lot of cash over the years.
The same thing has happened with porn. The girls just seem to not try to fake it as well as they used to. I just have that feeling that when they are screamin’ the pornography cadence…”fuck me harder”… they are probably thinking about their cats at home or how they can get a new I-Phone or whatever as soon as they are done with this annoying anal scene.
So my old friend, I have to tell you maybe our time together is not as sweet as it used to but you have been a friend of mine. Relationships age however my darling…and you are really starting to show the wrinkles on your ass. I’ll stop in to check on you from time to time…sorry I don’t visit much! “GTP”


  1. So you gave up porn, but not masterbation?

  2. gotta check out the entertaining stuff. spoofs on old shows and movies give you a laugh, and do the trick!

    check out "Dawn of the Head" good quality shit there. gotta look at porn as more of entertainment than a "tool". puts a different light on the subject.

  3. It is like you are stealing my thoughts. WEll some of them that is. I think you pick up on my line of thinking right around the Jack Daniels and acid section. Good stuff brother George..... Keep this shit coming man...

  4. Being my ole lady(biker term) sells dilldos and has the fuckerwear party and sells porn I to get bord but I go see the ladies at the local strip club it works every time!

  5. I think one evolves to a place where if they arent actually involved in the porn...well its just so much canned suckin and f&@%in. Even good old Chicken Noodle goes stale in the can if on the shelf too long.

  6. I bounced at a swinger club and have never been the same since. I saw every sex act known to man. It just isn't interesting if she isn't standing on one leg with a peppermint stick in her ass, whistling c'mon feel the noise while she finger bangs a rubber chicken, etc...