Thursday, November 18, 2010

Headed to Michigan...

...I'm going to freeze my dick off but it will be worth it. I have worked for the HORSE for over 6 years and never been to the office. I'm packin' a carry on back pack with a change of clothes in it and maybe a toothbrush and headin' to Phoenix to catch a plane.
183 miles each way to the airport will be the longest trip that I have taken on the Latowski since the bottom dropped out and , well fuck it...lets see what happens. I am ridin' it..

1) because that bike is so fuckin' cool
2) because I want to see what it will do to my back making a 400 mile round trip
3) because my side arm is almost a fashion accessory when I ride with it on that ol' piece of shit.

eight in the clip, one in the pipe and six gears in the is a good day! "GTP"


  1. May your tires stay glued to the road, your powder stay dry, and your chamber always be loaded.

  2. if you see a hot bitch standing by the body scanner. dont refuse the scan thinkin she'll be the one to do the body search. it be ol clyde over there pickin his nose, that takes care of it. Im just sayin. tell michigan hello for me.have a good trip