Friday, June 11, 2010

This is what I built to be able to ride again.

It started out as a cheap FXR. It's an '84 with a '94 motor and trans in it. It is a bike with a sorted past. Everything was wrong. From the busted up primary, points ignition, to every bolt or threaded part on it being fucked. It was just slapped together in some questionable shop somewhere.
I thought a few quick repairs would make it roadworthy... I was wrong!
Everything (except the motor, has good compression so I'll just deal with the leaking base gaskets for a bit) was rebuilt, rehashed or replaced. Tonight I run to California for the shakedown. Fingers crossed I'm heading west to the Born Free Show in Long Beach.
Here's a list of the shit that was done to it. New tires, P-K o-ring chain without a master link. New gear set. Primo Brute III belt drive/clutch combo. HI-4 single fire ignition. Completely rewired. New wheel and neck bearings. Crazy comfortable seat. Some really stupid handle bars that are now slugged, tweeked, welded and made seat. Wiring removed from bars and just simplified. New charging system. Top it off with a stater button for a motorboat and a "Hello Kitty" key fob and its ready to go. The California D.O.T approved full faced helmet seemed appropriate as I am never chugging alone on this bike. "George rides like an asshole since he got that new bike"...what can I say, they're right! "GTP"


  1. Gotta do 100 MPH every time ya take her out for a spin, man. Make it happen, CAP'N.

  2. George,

    What happened to the old bike? I have been out of the loop. I happened to read your article about being aware as my bro Dave from the Detroit Bros. brought me a stack of The horse mags to keep me busy while I was in the hospital. Broken back, broken ribs, and nose. the thing that hurts the most is this broken heart from having this seasons rides stolen from me.

    You know I managed to daydream of all the ways I would go down, get hit, high side on the freeway.

    In the end it was some dick bag not paying attention and hitting me from behind while I was waiting to turn into my driveway one day after work. I enjoyed the article and it spoke volumes to me.