Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fuck you lets ride!

I settled in for the last couple of years and have been systematically losing my mind until it just snapped like wet bacon. I’ve been taking it slow and minding my faggot of a back and, well…fuck my back. I need to point my 21” towards the horizon again. I’m gonna fuckin’ hang myself by my dick if there ain’t some long tarmac under my frame rails soon.
I ain’t (however) going to give up the things that make up my home base here in Payson. I like the puny empire I have built up these past two long ones. I got myself set up pretty well here in my old Winnebago and studio in the woods. To be honest though, if I don’t get my ass out of here again the whole thing will tank.
Shit just ain’t sellin’ these days and if I really latch on to that complacent attitude that’s makes you think that the work will just come rollin’ in it won’t and it ain’t…so I better grab my gear and my camera, jump on my old Shovel and start looking. I got to get to rollin’ some long miles to get some cool projects going for back at the studio which I have aptly named The Fools Den.
I don’t know how far I am going to push it but I know I’m at least tentatively riding to The Smoke Out and back. The bike will make it but my pansy ass spine ain’t getting’ no better, as a matter of fact I think it might be getting worse. I better get back on the road before I just can’t. I ain’t goin’ to wait for the decline, I like the splendid ribbon of black pavement laid out in front of me so I want to hit it while I can.
Wow, that was truly inspirational; I’m all a flutter…gay!
The bike is running solid after sucking up every last penny I had. Rent might squeak by but only barely and I’m thinkin’ about takin’ a 5000 mile trip. I am a true businessman. What the fuck am I supposed to do, not go on what might be my last long ride on a fresh bike because I am flat fuckin’ broke…eat my ass! I just got to figure it out and fake the rest.
I mean, what would you do if you were in my swamp smellin’ shoes? I don’t have no applicable skills except painting, writing a bit and tyin’ the whole thing together with a bike I ain’t even qualified enough to not get fired in a paper hat wearin’ job! I paint and say fuck you, that’s my qualifications, anyone hiring?
So I am goin’ out on a limb, I feel like this has to be done. I’m hoping to do what I have always done, get some commissions, maybe find a few originals, send people to my website which should have daily updates of my where abouts and hope enough fuckers pay enough attention to maybe make THIS trip not end in total disaster. That’s the plan, I thought of it while I was riding through the canyons this morning.
I don’t know why this seems so imperative that I do this now but who the fuck am I to ignore the signs and just run my life like some internet business. I ain’t wired like that.
So anyway, I’m back to writing on this blog again. I don’t care how many people will pay attention but I would like to make this an interesting adventure so folks from across the country readin’ it (and buyin’ prints) and checkin’ out my work might land someone a nice painting for their wall and me with just enough money not to run out in East Bumfuck but still fly under the radar.
I’ll have updates on the progress on how things formulate daily so drop on back tomorrow. I show you what I am doing that has people yelling “BAGGER”…yea…the douchebags! Talk at ya tomorrow…”GTP”

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  1. HEy ~ this is so great. Write more! Love your style.