Monday, June 6, 2011

The UPS man cometh!

Danny (Rainman) did a bang up job on my top end. All squared away with idiot savant attention to detail. Minutes after unwrapping it's shiny, rebuilt goodness the components were being installed on top of my previously tired motor. If you need quality, no bullshit work done ON TIME get in touch with Woodward Custom Cycles in Bonney Lake Washington. By the way, this isn't a shameless plug for free work...he's just good enough to mention!


  1. I used to live just a few miles from him. And have heard that he did good work.

  2. After a month of shacking up here, I figured you could have worked out the bugs in the name by now! 'custom cycles' is for shops into sellin' shirts. 'Cycle Works' is a shop doin' work! Heh! I appreciate the kind words, I'm glad the UPS cunt showed up before your head popped off.
    Hey Michael, glad to hear it. Drop by anytime.