Friday, April 15, 2011

It's early...really early!

Juliette Lewis hasn’t come bangin’ on my door announcing her undying love for me but life is pretty fuckin’ good right now. Things are tits up and this whole mess, as of this writing, is definitely at a state of improvement.
Things have not only improved here in the desert but things are probably the best they have ever been in the last 10 years. It ain’t my separation from society as a whole or that I live in a low drag, uncomplicated, quirky little town. Nope, it ain’t that, all my shit just seems to be falling into place.
Divin’ out here or jumping away from there, depending on how you look at it, has been dicey at times but noting insurmountable. You can make it anywhere if you just pull your head out of your ass and realize that life is pretty damn simple if you just keep the urge to ‘Bedazzle” it out of your head.
There was a period of time in the not too distant past, where I was walking from a leaking Danger Hut to a borrowed shower and then to a fairly empty, unheated, crypt of a hole I was calling a studio. A fuckin’ pedestrian wandering the streets of Tombstone Arizona.
Today I fired up the Shovel after finishing up a new charcoal, blasted out of town with a heavy grip on the throttle just making noise, enjoying the road, scarin’ the lizards and pissin’ on everything. A little cool bud, a bunch of miles of desert road and a bitchin’ old shovel… I just wasted my day.
Blatting my arrival back in town I settled her into the kickstand in front of the paintin’ shack which is loaded with projects. A few commissions here, one or two pieces for the series there and a goofy fucker of a dog bouncin’ off my leg, glaring at me with that cute little dead eye.
Then I took a nice hot shower, ate a huge Italian hoagie and made some plans for a few art shows this coming summer.
Is this fuck hole of a town slowly becoming my home? Awwwww shit my nigga, you got jokes now do ya? I ain’t kiddin’ and the voices in my better stop talkin’ wigger, this is some serious shit…naw , just kidding…I’m just havin’ a blast and things are workin’ out.
It’s fun to be muscling around on my placid planet. It’s good to feel my crank pin getting abused again. All the scattered pieces come together when glue ‘em up with a Shovelhead. The world is getting pretty bound up with the Latowski back on the asphalt. I on the other hand am as regular as a 19 year old kid.
I have no idea if this is the final landing pad for my travels but there are things that need taking care of now. I received the original sign that hung in the front of S.D.Cycles in NYC. English Don sent it to me and I guess it’s in my care now. It’s large, awkward and fragile. I’m having it framed and hangin’ it on my wall. From now on I will always need a wall…I have some here in Tombstone. Will I ever leave, haven’t had a reason yet, we’ll see what happens.


  1. HOMO! Nah, just kidding my nigga! Dude, the urge to bedazzle the world was pure, unadulterated FUCKING GENIUS.... I will spend the rest of my life writing and would never come up with a line like that... okay, who's the homo now? I'm real happy for ya brother G and you know that shit don't come out of my mouth that easy!

  2. Damn my hero’s back! I began to think you got all hung up in that back brace, err something!