Friday, March 11, 2011

I used to have a thing for fishnet stockings....

...until I had to paint them. Fishnets are for fish!
On a side note, this town is nuts. The night before last I thought there was something odd in the air down here in Tombstone as everyone seemed to be going nuts. The town was full of the locals and there personal drama but I just stayed out of it with only the occasional phone call to give me the "heads up".
Welp, seems like the guy that played Virgil Earp at the O.K .Corral was keeping a little secret.Old Virgil was keeping his dead mother sitting in a chair in the living room and was cashing her social security checks. He got busted. If it wasn't for cashing the checks I think that he could have used laziness as an defense argument. I don't think you can go to jail for being untidy. This should be hitting the national news if it hasn't already. Weird town...back to work!


  1. did she finally let him watch "his" TV programs?

  2. Better keep a close eye on Ilise..