Monday, February 21, 2011

Self imposed exile...again!

I've been pushin' 10 hour days, seven days a week tryin' to get as many paintings done as I can before I run out of money. The cash from the FXR got me neck deep in supplies and a month ahead on rent but it ain't goin' to last.
To keep me afloat I am going to be doin' a few original charcoals that I will put up as they are completed. Mostly still lifes of motorcycle shit. These will help pay for the incidentals that need to be paid as I continue painting.
The construction in the shop is moving along and I am just waiting to get the shower installed before I move in permanently. The hours that I am putting in is already making me a little batty due to the lack of human contact...but I could remedy that by just unlocking the door and letting the hordes of fanny pack wearin' tourists come in and waste my time. That ain't a good idea.
Things are good though and work is moving faster then it ever has. Too bad the Hut didn't work out but it was falling apart and I save a few bucks by just paying one rent. I miss the stars and campfires so I am going to set up a campsite in the desert and sleep under the sky when I get the urge. Goin' to have to be armed though...lots of illegal traffic out there!
The Latowski is just a few steps away from up and perfect and after I receive my new suspension I should be able to roll on some reasonable miles. That and some proper care of this piece of shit back of mine and I should be good for the summer. We'll see...however it pans least its happening! "GTP"

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  1. come and git em! All looks and reads great my friend... sleep on your patio if you want to see stars