Monday, February 7, 2011

I ain't got shit about the show, time to move on...

Photo by Jack Shit

I guess I should talk to you about the primordial ooze that is painting. How I sell my heart and soul just to purge my existence of the demons that fill my head…leaving them boldly and naked on the canvas, but I can’t. All that is bullshit meant to make some dick wart seem deep and philosophical. I ain’t that guy. I just like to paint and it’s really killer when people look at my work. It’s just a cool way to round out my life. It’s an alright gig…but it ain’t any deeper then it appears. Writing about something that is supposed to be viewed is stupid. You’ll just have to see some stuff for yourself.
It was a great time, a perfectly light turn out and we ate cheese wiz. Just fuckin’ cool. But there ain’t nothing to write about without coming off all self promoting and shit. I can’t bring myself to it.
It was nice to have some folks down to the studio and check out some art shit. It ended in a normal good Tombstone drunk fest. It was a good send off for the paintings that are soon to be shipped. The commissions that got me set up here are off to find their new homes…God speed my friends.
I’m in it to my ears and it’s all originals for the next few months. The show at Smoke Out East will take most of my time.
The studio is always open and I’m there seven days a week. This coming weekend I will blowing the Kelvinator cash on painting supplies and diggin’ in for the long haul. Seven paintings by June…I’ll be there…painting. Stop on down…I’m in Tombstone Arizona.
Thanks to everyone that came and hung out and I hope to see more of you. Later Gators…”GTP”

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  1. Glad the show turned out to be a good thing for you. I would LOVE to see your work and maybe one day even be able to own a piece of it. Keep at it and I'll keep saving up for it.