Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Kelvinator is Murdercycle Melissa's good dog now!

Did you ever feel good after a big decision…I just did. The “Kelvinator “is gone, but it’s in hands that will treat ‘er well. The FXR is a good bike, beaten’ but not neglected. The bike is damn near unstoppable…and ugly enough to be oddly cool. I like that bike.
I rode the piss out of her in every way possible and she always came back punchin’…but I had to let her go.
All I have here in the land of pointed plants is the painting thing and I decided to take it seriously this time. I sold the bike to buy painting shit. I need to paint. Originals, shit that’s right on, to show at Smoke Out East.
The price I sold the FXR for was reasonable and will carry me through at least most of the supplies and bills. Do what I have to I want to have an impressive show, something people will appreciate. Fuck man, I’m rollin’ down I might as well roll with it!
Melissa will love that bike, she’s always wanted one and she will ride the piss out of it. I would like to thank her and her Ol’ Man Kris for giving the “Kelvinator” a good home.Treat 'er well, I didn't! Enjoy! “GTP”

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