Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fuck Model Mayhem!

This site is useless...because no one is interested in putting the effort into making a cool image in oil paint. "Photo's are the thing to do" I've been told but they just don't stand the test of time. Look at my port. spend some time analyzing the paintings and decide if you'd like you image to be around and VEIWED in 100 years and then get over the fact that they are not instant gratification.I am still looking for models but if you are just looking for some guy with a camera you're on your own. I'm making images for people to look back on, if you want to be part of something more then a pretty picture...contact me! "GTP"

I posted this on Model Mayhem and I get responses like this..

"Try paying models.. you might get more response... just saying..."

My responce..."I live in a fucking travel trailer in the middle of the desert. If I had the money to pay them do you think I would be living here? Silly cunt!"

I figure I will be deleted in less then an hour! Good riddance, self inflated sense of self worth havin' ego-maniacal silicone enhanced pretty people! FUCK YOU!


  1. I fucking HATE that site.
    I still have a profile on there, but it's pretty much stagnant.
    It's full of phony-baloney squares; creeps looking to get laid and flaky chicks trying to get famous.
    I quite like my profile, though... the reason I haven't deleted it because I'm basically calling out all of those lame cunts.
    Some still persist, though...

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  3. any fuck with a camera can get lucky and take a cool pic, but it takes an artist to render a cool pic in oil...and you George, are an arteeest!!

  4. you tell 'em, motherfucker!

    when i was looking for a photog for the freedom or death bash last summer i hit craigslist and some douche emailed me about not paying anything but "exposure." i googled his name to find his modelmayhem page, where he doesn't pay models! what a cunt. that, and i discovered he rides a hyongsung crotch rocket. yeech.

    that place is filled with fakes and fucks. just keep posting on your blog and fb (a monster in itelf, i know). maybe get to phx for the spring whatchamacallit in snottsdale and score some drunk broads at the dirty dogg.

    it'll come when it's supposed to. that's the hard part. i dislike being patient, too.

  5. i'd model for you any time except my tooshy is getting a little flabby.
    fuck paying models, you get better quality from willing participants than from paid talent, that goes from anything.

  6. It’s nice to know MY HERO is alive and well and still Kick’n Ass!!!