Monday, December 6, 2010

You're dead...what now?

Bring up the house lights and let’s talk about death. Now that’s a barn burner…we all have that in common. You, her, them…we all die. Dead, dead,dead! Dead fuckin’ dead.
Now let’s say you wake up one day and find out definitively you were goin’ to die in one year, give or take, but you definitely were goin’ to sell the Buick. How you spend the next 365 (or there abouts)? Would you wake up each day just markin’ off the days until you are suckin’ dirt or would you just do the things you felt needed to be done before you were hangin’ on the beach on the river Styx?
Seriously, you have 12 months left…those days are now the only days that matter because you know that when they are gone so are you. How do you fill those days?
It’s not your death; it’s the days leading up to it after you know your ticket is punched…or is it the days that follow your demise?
Confused? Yea, me too. How the fuck do you know? Which is more important the days that are allotted to you leading up to your death or the days you are granted you following your allotted expiration date? What if you came to the date in which you were supposed to die and didn’t? Wouldn’t all those days be the most cherished days of your life?
Well…drum roll please…we all might die tomorrow or we might have averted our death yesterday…how do you know. So aren’t we living those cherished days right now? Think about it. You may have had a near death experience just a few hours ago and didn’t even know it. It’s kind of liberating ain’t it?
You can basically do whatever you want now because technically you’re already supposed to be dead. It’s all gravy from here on out, you can do what you want because you hit the lottery, you are still upright and breathing.
This is the thoughts that go through my head when I hear about someone punchin’ their own ticket and have thought about when I thought about punchin’ mine.They also come to mind right after I get hit by, well let’s see, a bus or a Peterbilt or whatever. You have to ride it out because you never really know what comes after that moment when it all fades to black.
In a metaphysical sense you don’t know what is going to happen to your ‘soul’, that thing that makes you who you are without the cumbersome physical makeup that is just a container to carry the other part around in. I don’t even know if there is such a thing but I find it hard to believe that everything that makes us who we are is reliant on a physical entity…but I’m not stupid enough to put a hollow point in my head to find out. I have thought about it and almost carried it out in some of my ‘darker” days but I didn’t follow through because of this train of thought.
This is something to consider in those moments that bring us to the thinking,”…it would just be easier if…”, maybe it’s not easier, maybe the answer lives just a few seconds after…if you ain’t dead! All this has gone through my head over and over. The questions are the things that keep me going.
Ride it out until the end and don’t quit when the going gets tough. The answers that plague you might just be a few seconds away from being answered. Don’t be in a rush to jump to the end of the book…you’ll get there and then…it’s over! “GTP”


  1. George.. Go put your boots on, not the flip flop thingy’s. Now shut your eyes and click your heels together repeatedly thinking….. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…. When you open your eye’s fix a pack of roman noodles (with a half a pack of hot dogs throwed off in the pan for a GREAT filler) eat well, share with Bud, and get a good nights sleep!!!! (grin)

    Yes!! Like you said, Live everyday like it’s your last!!!

  2. Really got me thinkin!!!! You are so on the money man, thanks

  3. Ahhh, an introspective look at the mind that is GTP.... It's funny, I have thought along these lines before and only have the question, What is so bad that you have to "go" now?... What in your life can you not take enough control over to feel you should not do it to yourself. I guess in certain mental states or biochemical anomalies there can be a sort of short circuit. I am of the scool of thought that you are going to come back again and again till you have it right, then you retire from the earthly world and take another journey into a non physical state.

    That is pretty deep, or I have had too much caffiene....

  4. My ego almost convinced me to check out a couple of times.But its like you said," dont get to see the mess anyways.." Whats the point.
    Budhists say we only have a few moments to live. Yesterday and tomorrow are constructs of the mind, the only thing real is the eternal now.Seems that way,I'm most alive when Im two or three days into a ride and my head shuts up,I'm truly alive and present in those moments.
    I try to get that "zen mind" during my other day to day endeavours...doesn't work that well.But I keep trying, like you said, there's hope as long as you keep breathing.

  5. Good stuff George. That last paragraph is what's up!