Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time to relight the fires...

...took a day or two off to adjust my life based around the leaks that erupted in the Danger Hut when it started raining here in the desert. The Hut needs some work on the outside structure as apparently in ain't as waterproof as I had initially thought. I can't really 'fix' anything this time of year because it will require opening up some of the outside walls. Now is not the time because the weather changes here so quickly. Can't have a big opening in the roof when it might rain and the sun going down will cool the night air off...a lot. So all major plans will have to wait until the spring.
For now I will just have to chase leaks and strategically move any electronic equipment and place buckets or anything else under them to catch the intruding water.
The leaks aren't numerous but when you are only living in an 8' x 22' house even one leak becomes important. At least I know where they are and when the weather rolls in I know where the buckets need to be placed. That will have to do for now.
I am saving my pennies so that I can buy a medium sized refrigerator and I am going to start revamping the bathroom so that I can put in a full sized toilet. That little mini crapper that is common in travel trailers makes for a less then satisfying morning massive. Also I am going to raise the roof over the shower and the living room. I need to have the shower head in my house over my head, not hitting me in the chest like 99% of all the showers in the U.S. of A. These are things that will have to be done in the spring. Until then I will be using the shower and such in the Big House.
So I am back to work in the studio today after taking time off to get over some kind of plague that grabbed me. Lots of painting to do and shit having to do with the town so I'm off. I'm sure something interesting will happen to write about by the end of the day.


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  2. What is up with the low shower heads? They're everywhere! Short plumbers??

  3. Mabey a investment of a tarp over the trailer to save time on dumping buckets?

  4. Jack the hut up about 6 or 8 inchs and cut the floor out of the shower,more room and better drainage too.That red tuck tape seals things up good if its applied when things are dry. Cover the cracks and seams til spring. And while your up there you can scroll out a message for the nosy government types that fly over or peek down from their satellites. Cause you know they're watchin you George. Hell,...they're probably responsible for half the hits on your blog!