Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Painters ain't bikers?

I spent the whole day just layin’ around the Hut yesterday. I know it was Monday but I worked or was at least busy for the whole weekend…there was just a party thrown in the mix while I did it. I didn’t really like not having the energy or the urge to get anything done but I’m a trooper and stuck to my guns, or at least the couch.
The whole day I felt like there were things in the fog of my mind that I had forgotten to attend too. Today is a new day and apparently nothing NEEDED to be addressed as I lay on the couch. So I left my imprint on the cheesy fabric covering and took care of computer shit. That’s not really work as far as I’m concerned.
Today it’s back to the grind, pick up the brushes and paint until my ears bleed. The stereo in the studio has been idle and the turps need changing but it was a nice time to ‘fuck off’ between projects. So I cleaned what little mess there was in the back 40 due to the party and relaxed around the Hut eatin’ banana bread with “The Outer Limits” on the computer.
I started thinkin’ about how I was enjoying being at the studio just doin’ what I do …painting. I am a painter.
I know that this is what I do but there have been so many distractions from this focus when I was still in “Urbainia” that I thought I should be more just too stay in touch with the biker culture. Between riding, shooting photos and feeling the need to build another bike because I thought I should, I had completely lost focus on the paintings that were supposed to be on the rack.
Everyone feels the need to be part of something. My something is the biker culture. I sometimes forget a painter can fit into this life we all love. Sure I can wrench on a bike, probably even build one if I had the time, a good shop and nothing else to distract me but I paint…and that is enough for right now.
I sold off the CB750 project a while ago and bought a really nice gun with the proceeds. It made sense. Having a few grand of camera equipment while trudging around in the desert with drug traffic and human cargo traveling the same area I am pokin’ around in seems stupid to do unarmed…so I armed up. Bye-bye CB project.
For now I am just a painter. For the next few months that is all I am going to focus on. This has no effect on my standing on the biker culture I just feel at times that I need something to contribute when the conversation turns to building bikes. I know what people are talking about but my input is irrelevant when I have nothing in the works…just a few pretty pictures.
Whatever, I already live in the desert, ride my bikes and paint pictures. That’s the depth of it right now. I am not a spectator but I sure as shit don’t have the time of money to start a bike build and continue it to completion with my schedule. I would love to but it doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards right now.
I have a thousand sketches and tons of ideas for a build but I can’t be distracted right now. For the next two months I am more or less a pedestrian. I am abstaining from riding because when I ride it’s all encompassing; I never really know when the return trip will happen and there is the business of painting waiting back at home...so I’m painting.
Whether this knocks me off the top of the bleachers as far as ‘biker status’ goes I have no idea and for today I am cool with it. I have my bikes and I still ride ‘em so that will have to do.
So I’m off to the paint shack to immortalize another guy on a bike…then another and another and so on. The summer is going to be upon us in a few months and my ass will be back on the road again, for now though, you’ll find me in my studio. Time feels like its running short! “GTP”


  1. I think you have already set up your "Iconic" status with the people who are reading and looking at your paintings every day.... You don't need to be building a bike to be a biker.. You have to ride them, not let'em sit under a cover in the garagemahal.... And your name isn't GTP for a no good reason. I think you know the only opinion that really matters is your own, and maybe..... maybe the people that you are close to..

  2. Cool Picture.. First thought that came to me was “The blank canvas looking at the painter”..!

  3. Let me see if I understand this? You paint pictures of naked women and other commissions, to finance your lifestyle. You live, to a greater or lesser degree,on your own terms.You get to pack your bike and blast off to parts unknown when the spirit of wanderlust moves you? You've basically given society and its entrapments the proverbial middle finger?
    You built that old shovel a piece at a time till it resembles the mechanical equivalent of that Ring that was forged in the fires of Mount Doom.And you told me once the miles you ridden it,and it works out to circling the globe about 16 times.
    Hmmn...I'd say you qualify,for the moniker of "Biker" !