Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Input required!

I’ve been to a bike event or two, some fuckin’ awesome (The Smoke Outs) and some not really hittin’ the mark and eventually fallin’ flat on their face and dying. In the past I have even put a few small ones usually just to piss on the surrounding residents that somehow rubbed me the wrong way.
They were small one day things at bars showcasing bands with filthy names. They went well but were made the bar good money. The bars were usually full to capacity but then again they were small bars…whatever….fun was had and a few bills changed hands. Not to mine unfortunately but then again that wasn’t the reason I did ‘em.
I’ve been to events big and small. Some were free form in the vein of just a good party and others were money making machines that’s only purpose was to line the pockets of the events promoters, not that this is a bad thing. They have run the gamut of just a bunch of bikes showing up in a field and settin’ shit on fire to micro-managed cattle calls to any fuck wad wearing a pair of chaps and holding a Platinum Card. The latter might have been a financial success but always fall short of a bike event that will have any longevity.
What does it take to hold an event that will be on everyone’s calendar year after year? Beer, boobs , bikes, bands, tire smoke and food along with a level surface to plant your head when you need to take a ‘time out’. It doesn’t seem that complicated until you try to steer it in a direction that it doesn’t want to go to.
Everyone has a different opinion of what any event should have but not having thrown one they might not know what is involved in getting that one thing that made the event they attended leave a bad taste in their mouths. It’s quite possible that the one element that was lacking was something that they should have brought along with them if they had known they could have contributed. Then again sometimes the event was never meant to be an audience participation type of venue.
Events are usually full of vendors and attitudes, bikes and pompous hard asses, shy locals and big talk phonies that just try to hard…where’s the middle ground? Where is the event that just is and grows into whatever the attending demographic of chopper jockeys brings to the plate? Meaning a good attitude, a lust for some kicks and a certain respect for the location the event is held to avert the influx of hordes of the boys in blue? A self regulating event that won’t leave a hole in the ground where the town used to be? A good time then gone type of event.
I need your input on what an event should have if all the unnecessary shit is stripped away and you still hand shift your way home with a smile on your crusty face. How do you fill the event with killer sleds and good people and how do you leave a good impression on the town while still having a GREAT time? I.E. how do you have an event without the National Guard being called in?
In your opinion…what makes a good event? What would you need to be there? Are vendors necessary or would you be willing to drop your dimes at the local bars and restaurants to help support the town? Could an event be thrown so that us cycle fucks could have a good time, independent bike shops could showcase their latest builds and products and the town would be more than happy to host it again the next year. What’s your input? “GT motherfuckin’ P”


  1. Ok so here's my two cents! Ya need only four things real simple; bikes, music, booze, food! Mabey couple venders for shiney shit or trinkits but the fun will insue on its own!

  2. I am more into the gypsy type or runs, no one there to make money or no one there to tell me what I can or can not do. thats why these big event are not that much fun. To many cops, plus who needs venders. you can buy half that shit at your local shops, or even at walmart. We need parties that don't lose the focus which is to get your friends together and drink some beer and ride the hell out of your bike also make new friends. Thats why some of us here in CO are setting up a party just for the real bikers not the credit card riders. There will be no venders or cops just a great group of guys and a keg of beer. We are not looking to impress anybody but ourselves and have one hell of a time. I had fun at shows in the past but they are getting to corp, smoke out west was fun but it was spread out to much and I spent most of my time hanging at a hotel parking lot drinking. Who wants to pay to see music and pay to drink beer. Thats my 2 cents. If anybody wants to come to the party we are having in july in CO mountains go to chopcult and look under run to the hills event gonna be awesome with no pressure.

  3. I think ............

    and that's all I have to say about that.

  4. As far as traditional corporate money making rallies are concerned the iron horse rally in Ignacio was fun about 8 years ago. For years it was on Southern Ute tribal land in the fairgrounds. Everything was centrally located vendors, events, bands, booze, and ladies could loosen up without being hassled. There were cops but mostly tribal cops who could give a shit if a little he'll was raised. Ignacio had the advantage of being surrounded by some of the most amazing rides in the country and Durango just a few miles up the road. It really was a do not miss event for me. A handful of years ago someone wanted more money and the whole deal got fucked up and split between Ignacio and Durango. It's practically dead now. I still go bit now more for the rides than the party.

  5. ...fucking phone! All that to say a centrally located gathering with relaxed "restrictions" for lack of a better word is key to a memorable event larger than a group of friends in my damn near a R.U.B. opinion.

  6. You mention the Smoke out!! i love those kinda shows,real bikes ridden not hidden and great characters who ride the distance to get together and kick the shit with like minded souls.I have to organised some shows in the UK.Its a different kind of deal in can drink all night,make tons of noise,no cops and you are not required to get permits etc and some of the bikes are amazing, even if the weather sometimes is not. As for vendors...well you gotta have them i guess,plus people need other stuff to browse apart from cool looking scooters.Also bikes break down and get punctures etc, so its good to know you can buy parts fo fix em.Motorcycles are a huge part of my life,i am passionate about bikes and building and riding them.I think shows should be all about great bikes and good friends,not the weekend warriors on shiny $20k production choppers posing as bikers when they live in Scottsdale and work in a corporate world. Just my opinion as a Limey/Irish motherfucker born in London with an American dad .......over here in the good ole USA.........I live in Arizona cos i choose to, and i believe it is surely one of the best States in the US to live and breath the real biker life style.God bless the USA and lets get more great bike shows here!!!!

  7. fun, dude, just need some fun. why is the smoke out so fun? cause of all the stupid shit that you can get away with. you can do burn outs wherever and whenever you want, i saw people scrumpin by the stage while rebel son was playing in the campground, and everyone could relax. there were cops and patch holders but i only saw one instance where shit got heated and that dude was being a retard. if you can find a place where people wont be hassled too much and make up a bunch of stupid games to keep the ADD at bay, it should be a cool time. or say fukit and hit up slab city!

  8. All the above sounds like the answer. Self supporting, no vendors. Just folks that like bikes and don't try to impress each other. Fuggit.