Friday, December 3, 2010

I seem to be the kind of writer...

...that writes for guys. Am I so out of touch with things that I have surrounded myself with swingin' dicks? I have no idea. I'm pretty sure the ladies aren't interested in this and that's why so many Dudes are.
Whatever...averaging about 1000 hits every 24 hours now on the Ol' Worm these days. Pretty fuckin' cool!.
I'll have something relevant for you tonight. I'm at the tail end of a painting and want to see if I can finish it by the end of the weekend. This one has really come together quickly so I better go with it while I have the cheerleaders on the run. Talk to you tonight! "GTP"


  1. well if it helps, george, i bet some of the guys are pussies. or gay.

    trent.... making friends.

  2. Some are most likely "girly men" hoping that your "unique" slant on things will help 'em "pass" at the next bike night? Just a pabst soaked thought.

  3. Put me in the Pussy category. I been to county jail twice in my life for something like 12-14 days. I got no intention of going near the place again, leased on the inside. George had a couple of guys cross his path in a parking lot awhile back, unlike my hero I’d of let them go. A cup of java just ain’t worth the trip I’d ended up taking.

    It’s to late for me so I’m living my dream through GTP. So’s as long as he’s writing for the Horse (or whoever) and blogging I’m following!

    (George I fucked up again and posted drunk… My humblest of apologizes)

  4. it's never too late, millerlite. try mad dog or olde english high gravity and discover that for yourself.

    just don't get back in jail. jail does not a man nor pussy make. even if our society is creating more prisoners than scholars. that's just so the aristocracy (i.e. politicians and the corporations that pay them) can remain in power.

    but i digress.

    george gave me an idea i am going to try today...

  5. trent.. Just how do you think I got there in the first place! Honestly I never had a problem in jail, sept… The clank of the cell door shutting, God what a sound. I’m already trapped by bills and such, but it ain’t the same “trap”. That cell door, the key’s turning locks, completely trapped with no way out.. Don’t get me wrong to help a bud or family I’d never think twice I’d just do what had to be done at the time. I guess the pussy part comes in when some ass steps into my space for mere seconds. They can have it! I know most likely down the line they will hear the clank of the cell door not me..