Sunday, December 19, 2010

I guess I'm turning into some kind of a fag!

I spent a little time reading some of my posts on here from a while ago. It seems these days that I have lost my angst ridden edge. I'm still one Hell of an angry motherfucker but I became proactive and did something about the problems that pissed me the fuck off.
I think that my anger would be some kind of crutch if I didn't do something to rectify the issues that made my blood boil. I can imagine that my writing would be a bit 'edgier' if I sat around and just wrote about how bad things sucked...but they really don't seem to anymore. I changed things, ain't that what you are supposed to do?
Maybe I shot myself in the foot because most of the pissin' and moanin' are gone from my writing, people seem to read a lot of my stuff because when I'm pissed my writing shows it. People like when someone else can relate to their own anger, that is the down side to me waking up and the only thing I'm pissed off about is my dog won't let me sleep in.
I've had a few complaints because my writing has become a little brighter but I officially invite those people to eat my ass! This is MY life and I'd much rather be happy then the alternative!
I'm sure someday everything will shit the bed and I'll be out on the road lookin' for something better. Or maybe, just maybe, I'm in an area that I can control my environment enough to make this the place that I look forward to coming back to after the ride is done. Only time will tell.
Now though, I'll stick it out where I am, I'm not bored, my bikes are running and I enjoy my little piece of shit house. My life is a good as it's ever been so I'm rollin' with it.
If you have a problem with my current sunny disposition maybe you should look in the mirror and figure out why. Maybe it's time for you to pull your fuckin' head out of your ass and reboot your thinkin'. Why don't You be the one pissed off and write about it? For now, I'm stickin' with content, if you don't like it...EAT ME! "GTP"


  1. cant be angry all the time. It's like an itch that you cant scratch,it takes all the fun outta life.Sometimes change is necessary but hard to adjust to for some,it throws everything out of balance. Its like when you change the profile of your bike.Some may have liked it just the way it was.In the end whos bike is it anyway? Like you proposed"Let em build their shiny steed for folks to critique".It's still looking good to me.Keep it coming.

  2. Bears. You've got a pretty varied audience, but those who truly appreciate your writing, I think, are a lot more like you. A lot like a Bear. To most they're a fearsome beast who is stalking the woods looking to rip your head off, when in fact they're peaceful, solitary creatures who only want to wander aimlessly, looking for something good to eat, and a place to eat, shit, and sleep without getting fucked with. Still, people will fuck with the bear. Bears get pissed off, and people sometimes get their heads ripped off. Life is good. Enjoy.

  3. Fuck em George! I'm glad you're much happier and I STILL enjoy reading what you write. It's not what you write, but how you do it that interests me. You're an interesting person and whether it's happy or pissed off shit you're writing about you always entertain or at least intrigue me. Keep it up and enjoy what you've found/built for your self.

  4. Happyness is in the eye of the beholder & if your happy that's the fucking only thing that matters George! I know because I've lived the simple life you have now & wish I could go back to it!