Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home is where the wheels stop rollin'...

I scraped the Fritos from my face when I woke this morning. I have an annoying habit of eating in my sleep. At least it was Fritos and not chocolate donuts, the cleanup is a lot easier.
It was a bit cool in the Hut but not intolerable. What was intolerable is my fuckin’ dog, who wakes me up at 7:14 every morning, doin’ her morning ritual of standing next to my head a shakin’ like a Briggs and Stratton with bad crank bearings. This is what she does to wake me up. That and throw all the blankets systematically off the bed until I am too cold to stay asleep.
I was achy, my beat up body reminding me of my past in the cool air of the trailer. I grabbed the layers of clothes that were balled up nicely at the foot of the bed, piled ‘em on, grabbed a cigarette and opened the door letting “Shakes the Alarm Clock” out for her morning circles around the fire pit.
I lit up the Marlboro as my eyes adjusted to the light. The sun was strong and already it was warmin’ up to be a nice day while I stood there in sweat socks and Terrorist’s Cadillacs.
My head came back into focus and I looked around at things. It was VERY tolerable. The evening before I braced the Danger Hut for the cold by doin’ what I could and went to bed early.
I slept and apparently ate well as me and that damn dog jockeyed for the best position in the bed. The dog is an acceptable heating unit if she lays next to my beat up back. It usually takes a little while to make her realized that this is the perfect spot for her too.
I made it through the night without even a thought of living in this meager trailer on the outskirts of a ghost town. Instead I dreamed of the porno chicks that live in Los Angeles and dancing Chicklets. Business as usual in this rattley noggin of mine. A night’s sleep that I would have in any motel room or spare bed across the country.
I quick hot shower, a trim of the beard and I’m off to bring some heat into the studio so I can pull some longer days slingin’ paint. “Things don’t suck right now”..I thought to myself taking the last long drag off my smoke.
A warm shower in the Big House of Porn and good cup of coffee and I’m hittin’ the Historic District to paint my day away. I thought it would suck out here, it doesn’t….everyday is just different.

Have a Nice God Damn Day!”GTP”

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