Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to my Hell !!!

Been pulling in some MAJOR hours at the Snake Oil Shop (studio) tryin' to slam on these originals while I am able. Pushing days averagin' 10 hours ,just slingin' the shit out of some paint and becoming completely mental.
With the stereo blastin' and signs on the door that indicate that I'm not interested in tourists coming in I have completely blown a hole in the stratosphere and am in complete creative orbit. All I do is paint, nothing else.
I know I'm already in the brink of shoving ten penny nails in my temples and foaming at the mouth but I love it! I am right around the corner from being a complete shit eatin' psycho to the people that walk into the studio but I couldn't give a firm fist fuck.
It's me, The Latowski and Dead Eye Bud from here on in. I am moving into the studio to be closer to my work. The S.O.E. Show has become VERY important to I'm beatin' the fuck out of it.
I ain't goin' to be layin' on a slab wondering what would have happened if I just did it. That's some kind of incentive! If you need me I'm be the guy with the Marlboro in his lungs, paint covered hands and a .40 cal. Life is good in the Old West! "GTP"


  1. Man.....I swear I saw you in Sussex today!! A real scruffy lookin skinny dude with a beard, drivin a Denali, with mounts for a snow plow on it!!!!

  2. Sounds great that my Hero’s lit the wick!!

    Don’t forget to “crack” a window, I heard tell that paint fumes can be WICKED!